Opus One Studios Releases New Single, "The Talk," by Artist Whitney Parnell



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March 2, 2017 (Washington, DC) Millennial artist and social justice activist, Whitney Parnell, emerges as a new voice in the Black community with the debut of “The Talk,” a new music single and video. Composed and performed by Parnell, The Talk’s soulful rhythm with its haunting “hands-up” lyrics expose the all too often frank dialogue African American families have about staying safe when interacting with law enforcement. The single is a preview to her soon-to-be-released upcoming album, “What Will You Do”.

“I’m passionate about promoting social justice as both a Black woman, and a citizen. I understand this particular problem first-hand, as this talk is traditional across Black households. Bringing awareness to that seemed like a more personal way to offer insight and perspective to other communities about the larger implications of this tradition,” says Parnell. “When we understand others, we develop greater empathy, and empathy and awareness are key to promoting social justice—the ability for everyone to experience equality, inclusion, and opportunity to their fullest extent,” she continued. “The purpose of “The Talk” is to engage and educate all races through conversation. I’m hopeful—my generation is hopeful—that we won’t have to have this “talk” with our children in the future.”

"Healing a unit as a big as a country from a wound so deep as racial violence requires a lot of work. But it begins with our voices--opening our wounds and sharing where we are most vulnerable so that our communities can connect with and feel where there is pain,” says Wes Moore, Author of The Other Wes Moore and The Work, and Co-Founder/CEO of BridgeEdu. “The first step is connecting as many people as possible to the reality of these pains, and Whitney’s song, ‘The Talk,’ accomplishes this with elegance and power. By making this intimate conversation public, she reclaims the divided voice of a movement with the harmony and love in a parent’s prayers. Unity and strength in purpose is what we need to move forward, and “The Talk,” takes us there."

Recently recognized by NBC BLK as a rising voice of millennials, Parnell is also the founder and CEO of the DC-based non-profit Service Never Sleeps (SNS). Proceeds from digital downloads will support SNS programs for citizens desiring to become social justice allies, young professionals and companies passionate about serving their communities, and non-profits in need of skills-based services.

“The Talk,” produced by Opus One Studios, is currently available through major digital distribution channels including, Opus One Studios, iTunes, CDBaby, and Google Play. The social justice album “What Will You Do” is due out later this year.

About the Artist: Whitney Parnell grew up between Latin America and West Africa as a Foreign Service child. At Washington University in St. Louis, she doubled majored in English and Spanish, and minored in Communications and Journalism, during which she also embraced her calling as a “professional humanitarian and social justice activist.” Whitney’s passion for service and social justice brought her to Washington, DC to serve with City Year, and then work in homeless services. Parnell founded Service Never Sleeps to create and promote a movement of service and allies by igniting quick social change through mass civic engagement and collaboration.

Opus One Studios (O1S) is a socially conscious enterprise that produces creative products supporting social change and other worthy causes. O1S consumer products are offered in a variety of media formats and are available through a host of distribution channels. 100% of O1S profits are donated to a specified beneficiary for each product.


Service Never Sleeps is a 501 c(3) that promotes the new term, “Allyship,” based on that idea that citizens can be bridge-builders working together towards the common goal of ensuring equality, opportunity, and inclusion for everyone. SNS creates synergy between young professionals and corporations passionate about serving their community, local non-profits in need of skills-based volunteerism. SNS also offers Allyship workshops that equip individuals and community groups with tools for being effective allies for supporting marginalized communities and actively influencing others.