World War II Songs You Never Heard - Digital Download mp3

World War II Songs You Never Heard - Digital Download mp3

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World War II Songs You Never Heard is an EP mini-album of three songs originally written in 1945-1946, and only now, some 60+ years later recorded for the first time. With lyrics by Betty Blanchard and music by Jimmy Rogers, these songs capture the events surrounding the end of that all-engulfing war. The recordings feature vocals in 40's style jazz vocal renditions, with echoes of the Andrews Sisters. The new recordings feature Diane Michelle as vocalist with instrumental tracks by Richard Leiter.

The three Songs on this EP mini-album tell a progressive story. It was the A-Bomb (You're My Atomic Bomb) that brought an end to the war. And with the war over, millions of Soldiers began returning home and transitioning back to civilian life (That's My G.I.), sporting a lapel pin (fondly called the "ruptured duck") that celebrated their status as veterans. As those millions of returning G.I.'s rejoined their families or started new ones after marrying the girl-they-left-behind, it quickly gave rise to a major nationwide housing shortage (We Haven't Got a Home to Our Name).


  1. You're My Atomic Bomb, Blanchard & Rogers
  2. That's My G.I., Blanchard & Rogers
  3. We Haven't Got a Home to Our Name, Blanchard & Rogers

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